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We're a full-service information source working 24/7 to deliver the best crypto signals, alerts, analysis and strategies.

Technical Analysis & Signals

We provide daily analysis on Bitcoin, intraday and longer term scenario. Also all the signals on Altcoins comes with detailed analysis. We will let you know when we are going to buy and targets we aim to achieve.

This can be used by begginners and advanced traders.

Powerfull BOT

All signals and their analysis are sent through our Broadcaster Bot, it also tracks every signal and send messages to the results channel when targets or stops are being reached in real time, that helps our costumers to be more pro active with their trades. It has also several commands that helps to track the ongoing situation of all signals, if they are in the buy zone or out of it,  if they have reached targets, and much more.

A very powerfull and complete solution.

Automated Alerts

We have automated robots that tracks a lot of indicators and sends alerts on specific channels about volume increases, RSI, MACD, Ichimoku crosses and more!

With our alerts you can easilly make day trade and scalp trades by your own, ideal for more active and experienced users.

Personal Support

We have a great team that will help you with any doubts, also analysis requests are welcome, we are here to help!


Discuss, speculate and interact with our members and admins in our VIP CHAT. More than money, we are here also to make good relationships.

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Who we are

Our team is made by technical and fundamental analysts, with high experience in trading. We deliver the best Crypto Signals and Analysis on Telegram.

What we do

Our signals are all based o Technical Analysis, with defined targets and stop losses. We also help you with your Risk Management, teaching the best strategies for each type of investor. 


We have been audited by SMARTOPTIONS.IO and SAFETRADING.TODAY as one of the best Telegram Channels, we have more than 90% of accuracy in our signals.

You can also check at anytime our live statistics through our signaler bot, reach @InfocryptoSignalsBot on Telegram and type /stats.

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